Not Everyone Uses A Computer

Believe it or not, there is still a legitimate need for modern typewriters. Therefore, those people who still own modern typewriters can still find a market to sell them. While it might sound strange to the “younger generation”, not everyone is enamored with computers or even owns one. The section of the population, who either never was educated in using the computer, or simply never purchased a computer, as it was cost prohibitive to their budget.
They are not exclusively the older sector of the population, but those who are entrenched in their beliefs that a modern typewriter is a functional piece of equipment. There is no logical reason to replace it with a complicated computer that would require educating themselves in how to use it in their day to day lives. There is a cost issue which arises for those individuals who simply cannot or will not spend money they do not have available, for a modern computer, when they can buy a modern typewriter which will fulfill their basic needs. Such jobs as writing a letter, story, etc, can be accomplished on a modern typewriter, perhaps not as efficiently as on a computer,but cheaper in any case. The” bottom line” for many people is the “bottom line”and that is the only criteria that concerns them. Check online stores for modern typewriter for sale.

Listen to Jazz on the Internet

Jazz is one of the most unique and relaxing genres of music, yet certainly one of the more obscure and unpopular forms of music as well. While it may be hard to find ways to listen to jazz music, and even further, find new jazz music, there are certain internet platforms that supply avid jazz listeners easily and efficiently with ways to listen to jazz online.
First, you can use the more traditional, generic online radios and music players. With websites and apps such as Pandora and iHeartRadio, one can not only listen to jazz, but also personalize their radio stations and make it specific to the point where there’s no doubt that you will be listening to what you want. In addition, YouTube contains millions of playlists that you can listen to anywhere and anytime.
However, if you want to get more detailed, there are sites as well specifically centered and transfixed on the genre of jazz. One of the most profound is Jazz Radio ( It’s free and allows you to listen to as much jazz as you want and to make what you listen to specific as well. The other popular site is Jazz24 (, founded by a radio station.